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Book Review: Strange Epiphanies by Peter Bell

Strange Epiphanies, from Swan River Press, is a collection of short stories by Peter Bell. Swan River Press specialises in horror fiction of the macabre and supernatural tale variety, taking its cue from the work of writers such as Sheridan Le Fanu, Arthur Machen, M.R. James and others. The emphasis is very much on a … Continue reading

Submitting Your Work Part 2: Read the F*****g Guidelines!

I thought long and hard before including the word ‘F*****g’ in the title of this second part of my occasional series on submitting work to publishers; reason being I didn’t want to be seen as potentially disparaging towards the vast majority of writers who do go the trouble of checking out the guidelines to a … Continue reading

On Hollywood Rewriting History

Hollywood has a long and varied tradition in the production of biopics, those movies ‘based’ on the life and times of real life people of historical, social or cultural significance. And there have been many excellent examples of this genre down through the years; two that come to mind as I write are Ray, based … Continue reading