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Books vs. eBooks: Why Books Get My Vote

Call me old-fashioned, but I still love physical, hard copy books. There’s no doubt that eBooks are becoming more and more popular, eating into the sales of physical books to an ever increasing extent. Some say that books as we know them will die out completely, and this is a distinct possibility. But I still … Continue reading

Albedo One Story Picked for Hartwell Year’s Best

I received news just before Christmas, and have been meaning to post something about it since, that Karen Heuler‘s short story ‘Thick Water’, featured in issue 40 of Albedo One (the magazine I co-edit with Bob Neilson, Dave Murphy, Frank Ludlow and Peter Loftus), has been selected for inclusion in The Year’s Best SF #17, … Continue reading

The Night I Got Mugged While Reading Angela Carter

I do this crazy thing that people marvel at when they see me doing it: I read while I’m walking. On my way to a bus or Luas stop (the Luas is a tram system in Dublin City), or to the shops or the library or wherever, out comes whatever book I’m reading and I’ll … Continue reading

Box of Delights Story Picked for Datlow Year’s Best

I’ve just received news that ‘The Show’ by Priya Sharma, which features in Box of Delights, the horror anthology I edited for Aeon Press, has been chosen by Ellen Datlow for her Best Horror of the Year: Volume 4. It’s due out in May of this year from Night Shade Books. In the meantime, of … Continue reading

Book Review: Booklife by Jeff VanderMeer

Anyone with a genuine interest in writing, with a view to not only getting published but also making a career of it, if you might call it that, invariably reads one or more books on writing. There are many books on writing out there, many of them good, several of which I’ve read. But I … Continue reading

On Acting, Writing and Editing – Interview

My co-editing partner in crime at Albedo One, Robert Neilson, has started up a series of short interviews he calls bloggerviews over at his blog, which will eventually be archived on the Albedo One website. And to kick the series off, he’s only gone and interviewed little ol’ moi. I’ll probably upload the interview to … Continue reading

Finding the Right Balance: Freelancing Part 2

Bless me father, for I have sinned. It is over one month since I last blogged. Yes, I know. In these fast-paced, plugged-in, networking days of the blogosphere such a thing is unpardonable. But I plead extenuating circumstances: a surfeit of freelance editing work, the mad dash to get the new issue of Albedo One, … Continue reading