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In Praise of Old Age

There’s no question that getting old is a pain in the butt. You work hard all your life, you struggle for a level of security and relative comfort, which often seems constantly just out of reach, you do your best to provide for and nurture your kids, then bits of you start to fall off … Continue reading

On Hollywood Rewriting History

Hollywood has a long and varied tradition in the production of biopics, those movies ‘based’ on the life and times of real life people of historical, social or cultural significance. And there have been many excellent examples of this genre down through the years; two that come to mind as I write are Ray, based … Continue reading

Books vs. eBooks: Why Books Get My Vote

Call me old-fashioned, but I still love physical, hard copy books. There’s no doubt that eBooks are becoming more and more popular, eating into the sales of physical books to an ever increasing extent. Some say that books as we know them will die out completely, and this is a distinct possibility. But I still … Continue reading

On Government Co-opting the Arts

It’s a curious phenomenon that, historically, the arts have flourished during recessions and withered during economic booms. The reason for this, in my view, is that during economic downturns widespread dissatisfaction results in an upswing in artistic expression, be it through art, literature, drama, whatever. And the audiences for this groundswell of expression increases too; … Continue reading

Whither My Celtic Heritage?

I’m fully aware that Ireland’s Celtic heritage is largely the invention of WB Yeats and his buddies; that the concept of a coherent and consistent Irish cultural identity was not a part of the Irish public consciousness before the advent of the 20th Century. But I’ve always been perfectly happy to buy into the idea, … Continue reading