The Cripple

‘The Cripple’ first appeared in Albedo One #30 – Summer 2005

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‘The Cripple’ by John Kenny is broody stage-play material that offers an earnest glimpse into a Sarajevo-set relationship touched by the shared destructive experience of pathogenic war, and frozen in time and trauma by replayed video footage.

BugPowder, John Robbins

‘The Cripple’ by John Kenny is a poignant story about obsession. As Vanja watches and re-watches the video of the moment that Arijane was shot and crippled, the image is one of loss. As he views the scene over and over again, we learn of the relationship between them and the perpetual ‘What if…’ that lurks in Vanja’s soul.

SF Crowsnest, Pauline Morgan

John Kenny. ‘The Cripple’. Short dark piece in which the protagonist replays, over and over, the tv footage of the sniper shot which turned the young woman he now subsequently has entered into some kind of co-dependent relationship into a wheelchair user.

Best SF, Mark Watson



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