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Launch of Decade 1: The Best of Albedo One

It’s been out for a few weeks now, but I’m only now getting around to officially announcing the launch of Decade 1: The Best of Albedo One, an anthology edited by myself and published by Aeon Press that gathers a personal selection of the best short stories to feature in Albedo One, Ireland’s magazine of … Continue reading

Submitting Your Work Part 5: Professionalism

You’ve written your masterpiece, your short story, poem, or novel; you’ve sweated blood crafting the work, redrafting and redrafting. It’s time to unleash it on an unsuspecting public. There’s only one thing standing between you and fame: the editor and/or first/slush reader of the publication or publisher. It can be frustrating to have your work … Continue reading

Submitting Your Work Part 2: Read the F*****g Guidelines!

I thought long and hard before including the word ‘F*****g’ in the title of this second part of my occasional series on submitting work to publishers; reason being I didn’t want to be seen as potentially disparaging towards the vast majority of writers who do go the trouble of checking out the guidelines to a … Continue reading

Submitting Your Work: Start at the Top

It’s a commonly accepted concept that writers starting out begin by submitting stories to lesser known publications and, as they build a profile for themselves, work their way up over time to more prestigious venues for fiction, the idea being that all the while they are honing their craft and becoming better writers. And on … Continue reading

Albedo One Story Picked for Hartwell Year’s Best

I received news just before Christmas, and have been meaning to post something about it since, that Karen Heuler‘s short story ‘Thick Water’, featured in issue 40 of Albedo One (the magazine I co-edit with Bob Neilson, Dave Murphy, Frank Ludlow and Peter Loftus), has been selected for inclusion in The Year’s Best SF #17, … Continue reading

The Night I Got Mugged While Reading Angela Carter

I do this crazy thing that people marvel at when they see me doing it: I read while I’m walking. On my way to a bus or Luas stop (the Luas is a tram system in Dublin City), or to the shops or the library or wherever, out comes whatever book I’m reading and I’ll … Continue reading

On Acting, Writing and Editing – Interview

My co-editing partner in crime at Albedo One, Robert Neilson, has started up a series of short interviews he calls bloggerviews over at his blog, which will eventually be archived on the Albedo One website. And to kick the series off, he’s only gone and interviewed little ol’ moi. I’ll probably upload the interview to … Continue reading

Finding the Right Balance: Freelancing Part 2

Bless me father, for I have sinned. It is over one month since I last blogged. Yes, I know. In these fast-paced, plugged-in, networking days of the blogosphere such a thing is unpardonable. But I plead extenuating circumstances: a surfeit of freelance editing work, the mad dash to get the new issue of Albedo One, … Continue reading